English as Second Language (ESL) Change to Continuing Education Requirements in Minnesota (now included in Reflective Statement course)

News entry posted on July 11, 2015



The 2014 Minnesota Legislature enacted a change to teacher licensure renewal requirements to include evidence of growth in best teaching practices for meeting the needs of English learners (MN§122A.18, Subd. 4(b)). The changes will apply to all teaching licenses renewed on or after August 1, 2015.

 At the present time, the electronic reporting system managed by Educator Licensing at MDE does not include the option to report continuing education that addresses instruction of English language learners. Per the language of the statute, continuing education committees must ensure that the reflective statements provided by all teachers for the purposes of licensure renewal include evidence of growth in this area. It is anticipated that the electronic reporting system for licensure renewal will be updated to reflect this change at a later date and appreciate the consideration of local committees until such time as the change is implemented.

The "Reflective Statement" course available on our website has been updated to include this new ESL mandatory renewal requirement.