Reading and The Brain



Section I: The Challenge

  • Quiz #1

Section II: Reading: Pre-School through Elementary

  • The Early Stages
  • Passage Reading versus Decoding
  • Traditional Reading Skill Development
  • Quiz #2

Section III: Coaching and Curriculum

  • Coaching Approaches for Development of Reading Skills
  • Curriculum Standards
  • Quiz #3

Section IV: Middle School Reading: The Book Club Model

  • Book Club Theory
  • Developing a Community of Literacy
  • Quiz #4

Section V: Middle School Reading: Book Club Curriculum and Instruction

  • Book Club Curriculum
  • The Instructional Role of the Teacher in the Book Club Program
  • Quiz #5

Section VI: High School Reading in the Content Areas

  • Principles for Content Reading Instruction
  • Effective Content Teaching
  • Quiz #6

Section VII: How to Support Diverse Learners and At-Risk Students

  • At-Risk Students
  • Quiz #7

Section VIII: Strategies for Working with At-Risk Students

  • Quiz #8